There’s a reason why waxing is so popular and that’s because it produces the smoothest results. If you get your waxing done regularly of course. More about this later.

We remove the hair completely out of its hair follicle and at the same time we remove the dead skin cells, a win win we say! The end result? A silky smooth skin and hairs that will stay invisible up to two weeks. Even after that they will take a couple of weeks to be fully grown, ready for waxing. On top of that, the hairs are coming back even less than you are used to. Can your remember how it was before shaving? Those natural soft hairs will return once again!

We use a mix of strip wax and hard wax. Meaning bruises and a fair feeling after the treatment will belong to the past. The hard wax in particular will Only attach itself to your hairs and will leave the skin in peace.

Getting back to why it's so important to get your waxing done regularly. Here comes a little biology class. Ready?

It's good to know that your hairs are growing in three different fases. Each hair follicle (the small hole the hair grows from) has an independent streak and just likes to do it’s own thing. While some follicles are busy growing new hair (the anagen phase), others are resting (the exogen phase) and a few will be in between (the catagen phase).

So when you come waxing for the first time, it’s not possible to get the hairs all at ones. Meaning some hairs will be left behind, either because they’re to short or because they're still underneath the skin. The second time we will have almost all hairs removed at the same time. After the 3th time you are wondering why you ever shaved before. ;)

Now I hear you thinking, what about that ‘pain’?! Well, it’s really not that bad. The first time can be a bit painfull, because the hairs are so though. But after that, it’s done before you know it and quite manageable most will say. Still not convinced? We apply breathing techniques that will help releave pain and became very skilled in distracting you. You will be fine, we promise!