Fun fact.. It turns out that eyebrows have something to say about the degree of intelligence people give you. Do your brows barely have any shape and color? Then you are often estimated - shocking! - less intelligent. They did research about it, watch it here (it is in dutch though). In the research, the researchers bring a girl out on the street asking people passing by what kind of work they think she does. When the girl has no eyebrows, they think she does something like administration work and has a low education. Same girl, with brows, was suddenly a layer and highly educated. what I said.. shocking right?

But, no worries. We have a big variety of colors in henna and regular paint. No matter if you have light or dark brows, we always have the perfect match for you to make you look your smartest self. Since it only colors the hairs, not the skin, the regular paint is great for people who have a lot of hair. Are you not blessed with full bushes above your eyes? Then we have.. *trom, trom* henna! You probably know it as what was used for beautiful hand decoration or that time back in the days where you went to that particular place and you came back with eyebrows a black as night. But, this was in past. Now we have all colors, even light blond. The beauty of henna is that it get's into the top layer of your skin and will stay there for a week or two, filling up those empty spaces. 


To get the best result, we recommend getting the brows waxed/shaped as well. We are specialized in bringing out and enhancing your natural shape that fits your face. We think it's super important to always have good communication and love to start the treatment with a little chat.

Besides those brows, let's not forget the lashes. Do you still curl your lashes every morning? To find out it’s all gone at noon? For this we now have the Lashlift! We curl your lashes for them to sit comfortably in that curl for around 5 weeks. If your lucky even longer! Let them get collored as well and you can throw away that mascara. Always the perfect lashes!