From May 11 we can finally get back and we are happy to help you get rid of that 'bush': D!

    The government has indicated that - with due observance of the correct conditions - it is safe and responsible to go to the beauty / wax salon again. We have taken the following measures.

    It is impossible for us to keep 1.5 meters distant.

    That is why we now make it mandatory to wear a face mask (for us and for you), in order to guarantee everyone's safety!

    In the salon you can buy a disposable face mask for € 2, or you can bring your own to the appointment.

    The new 1.5 meter society is new to all of us. I imagine you want to know how that works.

    1) We work according to the RIVM guidelines and the ANBOS COVID-19 Hygiene Protocol for Beauticians.
    2) We are only allowed to work by appointment (luckily not so much has changed here).
    3) Be on time (not too early and not too late), so you don't have to wait in the reception area and that there will be enough time between the appointment with the next customer. Fortunately the sun shines wonderfully these days.
    4) When you enter we first have to ask a few questions about your health.
    5) If all this is in order, the shoes can already be removed at the front door and you can hang your coat on the coat rack. When the hands are washed, the mask can be put on and we can start the appointment.
    6) So, wash your hands before and after the treatment and use the disinfectant hand gel.
    7) Afterwards please pay contactless via tikkie or pin.

    We are so excited to see everybody again!

    Until the 11th of may and all following days,
    Love Sinia en Manon