We are not your regular waxing salon. We do this because we like waxing, but mostly because we like people, we treat you with compassion and hope our salon will feel like home! We wanted to introduce ourselves a bit to the people who don't know us yet. Giving you a better idea of who you're going to meet when you decide to visit us. 



My name is Manon and I started this business in 2016. Willemina is my second name, named after my fabulous grandmother ;)

People always ask me, ‘Why waxing?!’, well, I enjoy talking to people and learning new things every day from everyones own perspectives. Seeing vaginas gets surprisingly normal, surprisingly fast haha. 

I hope to grow this business in the future, but I’m trying to make sure it will always stay personal, that we give high quality treatments and it feels like your second home (it sure is mine). 

Feel free to ask me anything when we meet!


My name is Sinia and I started working with Manon in the beginning of 2019. Working close with Manon is one of my favorite things. Not only do I learn from her expertise in waxing, but seeing how she operates her business is also something I'm learning a lot from. 

Coming from the hotel management branche, this has been an amazing new journey for me. When this opportunity came, I wanted to take it with both hands and I'm so happy that I did! 

Connecting with new people and helping them to feel good and have a good experience is something I really enjoy 

I hope we get to connect soon :)